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Saturday, January 14, 2012

SOPA quote

From today's NY Times: 

"Lawmakers and their aides have also been targets [of Anonymous's "hacking" campaign to stop SOPA]. A photograph of a 25-year-old aide for the House Judiciary Committee was superimposed into pornography by a group related to Anonymous, according to another aide who was briefed on security threats to lawmakers and their staffs. 'Why can’t they just hire a lobbyist like everyone else?' this aide said."

I'm pretty sure that the aide was being ironic here, but given the cluelessness of Washington politicians and aides (see above post about Abramoff's book), I can't be absolutely sure.  Ironic or not, it reminds us that the only way to get through to Congerss is through paid lobbyists.  It's a shame that citizens have to resort to this kind of lawlessness in order to make themselves heard (and it seems pretty clear that a majority of citizens who understand the issue are anti-SOPA).  As the Declaration of Independence teaches us, at a certain point, lawlessness becomes justified.

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