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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Solution to ISIS Problem Widely Ignored

It's been about three weeks since I solved the ISIS problem.  Sadly, the world has yet to take notice, or even start a debate about my solution.  Yesterday's Wall Street Journal reported that Syrian Islamic Staters are getting only $400 a month, while less capable foreign recruits are getting $800.  The same article reports that there are about 18,000 of each, for a total of less than 40,000.  And there are divisions within ISIS, as different religious extremists will always different ideas of how best to please their God.

Right now, state armies are fighting ISIS as best they can.  That's fine, but it doesn't change the recruiting landscape.  Nobody is going to choose to join the Iraqi army to fight ISIS over ISIS itself.  Again, what is needed is a counter-ISIS -- something that appeals to many of the same natural yearnings in young men than ISIS does, but, on top of that, appeals to their innate desire to do the right thing.