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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Initiatives in Alternative Education!

Again, my ideas have mostly been implemented by other people even before I had them.  So they are not my ideas.  The  Washington Post had an article on Monday Jan. 23 describing some of the programs.  The bottom line is that any motivated person can get a college-level education essentially for free, in a lot less time than it takes to go to college.  You'd think that employers would want to hire people like that.

Rather than look at a college transcript as representative of how well a person will do in a particular job, why don't employers instead develop a test that tests for the kinds of thinking skills required on the job?  That, plus the knowledge that the person has truly completed on-line courses, ought to be enough to cause the college to hire the person.

And these young people don't have to be shut-ins while they are taking these courses.  They can hold jobs, or better yet, there ought to be volunteer opportunities where similarly-situated self-motivators from the region can get together and do good for the community or the country.  That way, they'll gain the work ethic and social skills that they otherwise are supposedly getting in college, while perhaps even contributing to the economy.

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University of the People

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