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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elizabeth Warren on the Daily Show

Elizabeth Warren on the Daily Show last night.  We need more non-politicians running for office.  People that we feel will genuinely do what they think is right, every day, with absolutely no regard for what might get them re-elected.  That should be our government.  Instead, as she says, Washington works for those who can hire an army of lawyers and lobbyists.

She mentioned a recent study that says that 30 of the largest companies in the US are now spending more on lobbying than they pay in federal taxes.  Probably worth looking at.  Of course, if they are providing jobs and the employees are paying taxes, then perhaps it doesn't matter what taxes the corporations pay. 

But the point about lobbying is well-taken.  Elsewhere on the show, it comes out that a bill to raise the tax rate on interest earnings (i.e. the 15% that Mitt Romney pays) that had bipartisan support in 2007 was killed by an army of lobbyists for people who make money off of interest.  There is a clip from Romney from that time period saying that raising those taxes is not a good idea.  And he also says that people shouldn't vote for someone who pays a penny more tax than he owes.

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