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Monday, January 2, 2012

Santitas bag size part II

Continuing from my earlier post on the subject, in which I (and others) observed that Santita's Tortilla Chip bags had gone from 16 oz to 12 oz while retaining the same "$2 Only" label.  This weekend, I spotted an 11 oz bag sporting the same label, at the Pilot Gas Station at Exit 150 on I-81 near Roanoke. 

Consistent with my own ongoing attempts to identify members of the 1% that are out there creating jobs or otherwise doing good, I wonder how many of the people who responsible for this are in the 1%.  If they are, they are not job creators, but people who basically try to cheat consumers for a living.  Quite possibly another way that the 1% "earn" their money that doesn't exactly seem deserving of any particular respect in our tax system.

Am I exaggerating by saying consumers are being cheated?  Who knows. They are telling the truth of course -- any bag labeled $2 costs $2, and it's their right to say "only."  The reason it seems dishonest is because they put the same label on different sized packages, which is not what a consumer would expect.  And "only" $2 for 11 oz of substandard tortilla chips doesn't seem quite right.

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