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Monday, January 2, 2012

Chicken McNugget Ripoff

I will say that McDonalds seems to be the best-run fast-food outfit out there.  Rarely do the cashiers make mistakes (unlike Burger King, e.g.), and the lines are usually quick. 

ut the unwary -- or unconcerned -- consumer can get ripped off pretty badly, in part because they don't put all their prices on their menus.  I challenge to you search a McDonalds menu for the price of a six-piece McNugget.  You won't find it.  It turns out it's about $3, compared to $4.99 for a 20-piece.  In other words, in a six piece, McDs sells you McNuggets for 50 cents each, whereas in a 20 piece, its 25 cents each, exactly half the price.

So in addition to all the other reasons not to eat chicken, please don't buy McNuggets from McDonalds.  They are obviously a massive profit center, built up on the suffering of birds -- the descendants of the dinosaurs.

I don't have the exact numbers handy right now, so I'm probably off by several orders of magnitude.  But the bottom line is that tens of thousands of chickens are raised ina single filthy and noxious chicken house, and most of them suffer from debilitating genetic or incurred health problems and perpetual discomfort  before they are brutally transported and slaughtered at 42 days of age.  Each chicken is sold by the "farmer" for less than a dollar (it might be only 25 cents).  Should sentient life really be that cheap?   Should McDonalds continue to rake in those kinds of profits for that kind of cruelty?

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