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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So: What do we change? Part I

I think I've already come out in favor of term limits.  Still, the counterargument is that this will just put all the power in the hands of political staffers, who have far too much power already.

So the real problem is with the people who are attracted to these jobs -- both as Congresspeople and staffers.  Obviously, many of them are decent citizens, hoping to do their part to make America a better place to live.  But many staffers are shamelessly ambitious, looking forward to high paying lobbying jobs, judgeships, or running for political office themselves.  And of course, the politicians are mainly looking toward the next election.  Nearly all of them -- politicians and staffers -- enjoy the grandeur of the offices on Capitol Hill, and the thrill of having high paid lobbyists and lawyers suck up to them for political favors.  Who wouldn't?

But how about making the job less attractive?  How about this for phase I:  Anyone working on Capitol Hill MUST eat only cottage cheese (or a vegan equivalent) for lunch.  That's it. Nothing else.  Put down that steak sandwich!

Hey -- maybe I will put that down as a petition on  If enough people sign it, then that would send a clear message to our politicians that they will remember every time they sit down for lunch:  They work for us.

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