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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elizabeth Warren for President (in 2016)

She's the only candidate on any horizon who comes close to embodying what I'm saying here, and (not coincidentally) the only one I can imagine going along with my cottage-cheese requirement.  She recognizes that nobody gets rich by themselves, and she might actually be able to whip up some support for enforcing the social contract I've been talking about.  Here's a link to a Nov. 18 NYT profile.

She'll become a Senator in 2012, and will probably not be as careful with her votes as Senator Obama was.  But that's fine, that's WHY we'll vote for her in 2016.

You can just tell that she's not interested in the money or the perks.  I'd love to see what happens when some lobbyist offers her tickets to a hockey game.

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