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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eliot Spitzer has some decent ideas for OWS in Friday Nov. 4's, which he breaks down into three organizing ideas and five policy ideas:

Organizing ideas:

1.  Get organizers at each college in the country to get 100 kids to show up for a day-after-Thanksgiving protest.

2.  Conduct rallies against State governments demanding a millionaire's tax.

3.  Recruit some minorities.
Policy Ideas:
1. Call for a full rollback of the Bush tax cuts for all those above $1 million in annual income. 

2. Demand true accountability on Wall Street; make sure that senior executives of banks that bet against the very products they sold to the public are fired.

3. Demand a financial service transaction fee.  (Not sure why he adds the word "service" here, but I assume he just means a  financial transaction fee).

4. "Start a petition drive in every state demanding that the state municipal governments stop using Goldman Sachs for advice and underwriting until Goldman Sachs returns the $12.9 billion dollars it received, from the taxpayers, as a part of the AIG bailout."

5.  Demand that the New York Fed add “public” board members who truly represent the public.

I endorse all of these ideas, for reasons already expressed. 

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