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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Half and half scam

Of course it's always impossible to tell (based on simple consumer experience)  if something is overpriced at some stores or if other stores are using it as a loss leader.  But the bottom line is that half and half costs significantly less at some stores than others.  Here in the DC area, a pint is typically $1.49 (sometimes "on sale" for $1.39) at Shoppers Food Warehouse, Giant, and Safeway, and a quart is typically $2.49. 

But I've recently noticed that Target(!) and Trader Joe's sell the quart for $1.99 regular price (which, up until now, was a price only available at Sam's Club or Costco price. And at Trader Joe's, the regular price for a pint seems to be $1.29.

Of course, the problem with Trader Joe's is that they also sell soy milk creamer (for $1.49 a pint), which this wanna-be vegan was unable to resist.

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