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Friday, October 7, 2011

Celeste Pizza for One Size

My pizza looked smaller than usual today.  The package was Celeste cheese, 5.08 oz. 

It appears that some stores (including WalMart and Amazon) sell Celeste "original" cheese, which is 5.58 ounces.  Obviously if you are getting cheese in the first place, you are not necessarily getting the most bang for your buck (since pepperoni and supreme weigh more but cost the same), but it's a bit annoying to find that there are two different "cheeses" at the same price.

But here's something else -- I just googled Celeste four cheese, and find that they are selling versions that are 5.22 oz and versions that are 5.74 oz.  And some of each are labeled "original."  Looks like you can get the "zesty" version in both 5.22 and 5.74 oz sizes as well. 

While I'm the first to admit that smaller pizza is probably better for me, this does seem a bit deceptive.  Maybe in some markets "one" (as in pizza for "one") is just a larger and hungrier individual.  Or just maybe Celeste has found a way to save a bit of money on ingredients . . . .

Caveat emptor!

1 comment:

  1. 7/3/13-The pizza is now much smaller while the box is the same size. A very sneaky back-handed way to make more money without advising the customers that they are getting ripped off.