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Friday, September 30, 2011

Spare Change Stimulus

Here's an easy way to release a lot of money into the economy.  Just set up a few of those spare-change counting machines in Federal Buildings across the country, but don't take a percentage off the top.  There is a lot of change out there doing absolutely nothing for anyone.  And many people don't take it in to the machines because the machines take 10 percent off the top, and that doesn't seem right.  If everyone in the country has ten dollars lying around, that's a few billion right there injected into the economy.  People would see it as both patriotic and remunerative.

Certainly there are some people who religiously spend their change as soon as they get it.  But there are many others who don't, and end up accumulating hundreds of dollars of the stuff.

As it turns out, coinstar already provides no-charge gift certificates, including to grocery stores, and possibly amazon.  So maybe it's a non-issue.


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