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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gas Prices IV

One more observation of possible interest.  I was impressed today by Annandale's gas prices -- several stations had $3.78 for regular (all the prices I quote are for regular, 87 octane, unless otherwise indicated).  We stopped at one of those, with the idea of getting some premium gas.  But the station had "plus" (89) at 4.06 and "super" at 4.16.  And the super was only 91 octane, not 93.  In Falls Church, the regular was 3.81, "plus" (89) was $3.95, and super -- 93 octane -- was $4.09. 

So if you need to buy premium gas, don't be guided by the "regular" price.  Even though Annandale was 4 cents cheaper for regular, it was 11 cents higher for "plus" and the super was 7 cents higher, and wasn't even 93 octane.

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