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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Alpha ZxT Anderson Cooper and Stephen Hawking Scam

A commenter on my Neurocell post ( said that "Alpha Brain" was a similar scam.  That led me to the following:

That's from a cached page on Pinterest.  I'm not a member, so I didn't go much further, and don't have time to explore this right now.  But the bottom line is that "AlphaZxT" is clearly another sugar pill using the Anderson Cooper - Stephen Hawking fake report scam.

Again, if you see anything that purports to show Anderson Cooper or Stephen Hawking hawking (haha) these kinds of "brain boosters," please understand that it is a complete scam.

And the real shame is that this has been going on for some time (at least since August 2015) and neither Stephen Hawking nor Anderson Cooper have done anything about it, while their reputations are being used to sell fake supplements to vulnerable senior citizens and others who have been trained to believe what they see in what appears to be "news."

If you have any doubts, just look at my other blog posts on Neurocell, Synagen, etc.  The same celebrities, and essentially the same ads, are used to sell different (but all fake) supplements.

Stay away, and do the world a favor by calling the FTC (877-382-4357), give them the reference number (65703157), and ask them what the status of their investigation is.  I've had over 25,000 blog hits on the neurocell and synagen posts (almost all from google searches) -- this is obviously a major problem, and the fact that they are still doing it shows that it is working for them.

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