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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Was 42-26 (early numbers) in Nevada an "obliteration"?

Both the Washington Post and the New York Times this morning report that Romney stomped on everyone else in Nevada, and they both seem to be trying to convey the impression that the GOP is finally coming around to supporting Romney.  While I do believe that Romney will be the Republican candidate in the end, it seems strange -- even disingenuous -- for these two liberal newspapers to be characterizing the victory that way.

Earlier this morning, when the articles first came out, the score was Romney 42 percent (to be honest, I thought I saw 37%, but I can't find that any more), Gingrich 26%.  That just doesn't seem that commanding or even significant to me, especially when you compare it to Romney's 51-13 win over McCain in Nevada four years ago.  I see that the numbers have now gone up to something like 47% Romney, 22% Gingrich.  So that's a bit more commanding, but it's still not an obliteration.

Aaron Blake's Washington Post "post" says Romney "obliterated" Gingrich, whose recent performance in Nevada (I think he means in the days leading up to the caucuses) was "disastrous," but fails to even mention the numbers.  Blake at times acknowledges that this might not be such a big deal (Romney won it four years with 51% ago against McCain, who only got 13%).

Dan Balz calls it "overwhelming."

The New York Times said he won "handily" with "broad support."   

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