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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Politics and Killing Bin Laden

Maureen Dowd reports today on how Biden is going around talking about what a strong backbone Obama has.  Although she meanders a bit, she finally settles on the conclusion that "Romney would do well to remember that real tough guys don’t brag on themselves. They let others do it."

But along the way, she gave us -- without any commentary -- this revealing quote from Biden:

“He knew what was at stake,” Biden said. “Not just the lives of those brave warriors, but literally the presidency. And he pulled the trigger.” The vice president concluded triumphantly: “This guy doesn’t lead from behind. He just leads.” 

Wow.  I guess this can be read both ways -- he knew he that if the mission failed, his presidency would go down the tubes, but he did it anyway.  That takes guts.  On the other hand, it could be read (as I first read it) as saying he knew that if the mission succeeded, his presidency would be saved.  And he was willing to risk the lives of the SEALS to do it.  Given how low his approval ratings were at the time, the latter explanation actually seems more plausible.

Conclusion:  Biden is clueless and should probably be locked in a closet until the election is over.

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