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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Intelleral Scam Using Stephen Hawking, WWE, et al

Another day, another name for the scam.  This time it's "Intelleral."  So add intelleral to the list of pills that Stephen Hawking and the rest of them are supposedly saying all are the "one pill" that will change everything.  Here's the current list:

BrainPlus IQ
Alpha ZXT

And here's a link to my post on Geniux.

So in case you had any doubt, it's a total scam.  I've taken the time to reproduce the text and photos of this one below, just in case it would be useful evidence in a legal proceeding some day.  Whoever is doing this -- and I believe it's a large-scale scam, where someone who wrote the "report" and the associated software is selling it to other scamsters who sell snake-oil pills -- needs to spend some time in jail.

The interesting difference with this latest iteration is that they are no longer using the CNN logo.  And in the places where the news source is mentioned, it says CMN.  Maybe that's because CNN has software that monitors the internet for possible trademark infringement.  Of course, just because they changed the name slightly doesn't mean it's not trademark infringement -- they are still using CNN's trade dress in all kinds of ways (including with Anderson Cooper).

And here's the list of fake celebrity endorsers:

Stephen Hawking
Anderson Cooper
Ashton Kutcher
Denzel Washington
Tom Brady
Bradley Cooper
Kanye West
Tiger Woods
Will Smith
George Clooney
Quentin Tarantino
Daniel Craig
Bill Gates
Dr. Oz
Sir Isaac Newton

Again, if you care, you can report this to the FTC.  In the past I've suggested contacting Richard Cleland, assistant director in the Division of Advertising Practices at the Federal Trade Commission, who has gone after similar scams in the past.

Mr. Cleland's contact info is readily available on the internet here: For convenience here is his phone number and email address:

Richard Cleland
Assistant Director Division of Advertising Practices
Phone: 202-326-3088

If you're annoyed by this scam -- or have been victimized by it -- I suggest you call or email Mr. Cleland and point him to this site.  You can mention FTC Complaint Ref. No. 65703157, although that doesn't seem to have gone anywhere.

This time, I'm going to take the time to copy the images and text separately, to try to recreate the whole thing (some of my previous posts seem to have broken links now):

Note how it actually says "Advertorial" up top now.   The definition of "Advertorial" is "a newspaper or magazine advertisement giving information about a product in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article."  Wikipedia talks about "advertorials" here.

Certainly, this scam meets the definition of "advertorial."  Some "advertorials" are not illegal.  This one, however, clearly is, given all of the false information in it.  It's false advertising, plain and simple.

Note also how we no longer see the CNN logo (see my other posts for screen captures where the CNN logo clearly appears).

Finally, note how Richard Mason is no longer with "CNN"; he's with "CMN" now.  Below is a screenshot with the same thing, but a "breaking news" banner is covering part of the headline.

And here is a blowup of the blackboard.  A recent commenter on another one of these posts pointed out that the blackboard is full of WWE references.  So whoever is doing this has a sense of humor at least.

Funkasaurus is Broadus Clay, HHH is Triple H, HBK is Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, Max Moon is Paul Diamond, Bundy splash is one of King Kong Bundy's moves, Punk = heel + face is a reference to CM Punk, HLA refers to WWE theme "Hot Lesbian Action," and McMahon = God? is self-explanatory. I'm sure there are others buried there too.  Back to the text of the "Advertorial"

Recently Hawking made some comments in an interview with Anderson Cooper about a brain booster that would become the biggest event in human history
Stephen Hawking credits his ability to function and maintained focused on such a high level to a certain set of “smart drugs” that enhance cognitive brain function and neural connectivity, while strengthening the prefrontal cortex and boosting memory and recall.
In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Stephen Hawking said that his brain is sharer than ever, more clear and focused and he credits a large part to using Intelleral Hawking went on to add “The brain is like a muscle, you got to work it out and use supplements just like body builders use, but for your brain, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing to enhance my mental capabilities”.
Everyone that has taken this, from athletes like Tom Brady to musicians like kanye West have nothing but praise for the brain booster, which doubles IQ, skyrockets energy levels and connects areas of the brain not previously connected. Intelleral works so well for these guys, we had to ask... Is it safe?
After 7 years Harvard Scientists Finally Break New Ground & Usher In The Future Of Brain Science With Invention Of New Smart Drug That Increases IQ, Memory And Focus Up To %100
Over a decade ago ago Harvard assembled a team of neuroscientists to work on coming up with a natural brain supplement that could effortlessly boost IQ.
Today, those scientists made the breakthrough they were seeking and made the discovery of a lifetime.They came up with a brain boosting smart drug that surpasses all limits of known science.
The Supplement they created is now THE best treatment available to improve memory, sharpen attention, increase focus and boost overall IQ.
After numerous rounds of testing results were astonishing. One test subject was quoted as saying:
“As soon as I took it started working within minutes of taking it. All of a sudden, it felt like a dark cloud had been lifted up from in front of me. I was more alert, more focused, had long lasting energy, and experienced a mental clarity that I’d never felt before” – Ben Lishger Harvard Sophomore."
The Lead Researcher on the team Dr.Rosenhouse gave us an exclusive inside look at the ingredients that make up this revolutionary smart drug:
“It is engineered with all the ingredients containing vitamins and essentials that your brain needs to ensure improvement in all aspects of cognitive growth, while including short and long term memory, focus, energy, problem solving capabilities and total brain performance.

We are all very grateful to have this now, as I believe it can help everyone on the planet and take us to the next stage of evolution. We’re very proud."
His associate Dr.cortigan went on to say:
“This revolutionary brain booster enables your brain to be the most efficient it can. It energizes the tissue and functions deep at a cellular level. It makes your brain cells perform their task genuinely and keeps away all kinds of mental fatigue or weakness. Its truly a remarkable breakthrough.”
But what does this all mean for the rest of us? Could this pill help ordinary people like you and me?
The only way to find out is to try it an luckily The Harvard team has patented and sold the rights to major manufacturers who currently have a limited 3 month supply.
For me, my major concern is my work. I feel taking this brain supplement could help improve my work and increase my income.
Sometimes, just one simple decision can drastically change the course of your life. Literally, one click could be the difference between living paycheck to paycheck and taking a bus to work to owning mansions, yachts, private jets and never ever having to worry about money ever again.
As Warren Buffett famously says “the more you learn, the more you earn”.
Are you ready to take the next step in improving your life, feeling sharper and smarter than ever before and making millions or billions in the process?
“I wouldn’t have developed my patent formula if not for this amazingly incredible brain supplement .” – says Dr. Rosenhouse
Are you ready to find out if this can work for you? We already ordered ours and will be writing a follow up piece on the results, we encourage you to do the same.
The only thing you have to do is try it and see for yourself. Who knows, maybe this could be the one little decision that changes your life. Write us and let us know. Best of luck!

[Notice again the lack of a CNN logo, and the reference to CMN.]

CMN broke the news first and uncovered that Intelleral raises levels of focus and performance every day by 300%.

As we researched, we began to see that this supplement has been quickly gaining traction around the world. Celebrities and athletes alike are already rumored to be taking the pill with the full scale public release expected shortly. The company and product is called Intelleral. The site claimed that Intelleral contained a very unique formulation of natural vitamins and minerals which together unlock untapped parts of the human brain. Our resident brain scientist Dr Raqif conducted his own independent analysis of the supplement and his findings seemed to mirror Intelleral's claims. According to Dr Raqif, "he's never seen a food based supplement deliver such a profound upward lift in brain function before".

[Flaunting the WWE stuff. . . . ]

We tested it ourselves - did it live up to the hype?

After our research led to such positive reviews, we simply had to try Intelleral ourselves to verify whether this was all hype. Almost every single man in the building volunteered to test it out but we chose our very own Anderson Cooper. Below is his account of using Intelleral over a 4 week period.

[So now Anderson Cooper has moved to "CMN"]

Intelleral has been clinically proven to:

  • Sky-rocket Concentration by 32%
  • Improve Creative Thinking
  • Boost Energy
  • Enhance Memory Recall
  • Increase IQ Scores by 47%
Intelleral arrived within 4 days of having placed my order Online for the free trials and were inexpensive to ship. To test out the product, I took one Intelleral pill every morning for 4 weeks.
Anderson Cooper's 14 DAY Intelleral EXPERIENCE


I took one and forgot all about it. Maybe 20-30 minutes later I felt odd. I can only describe it by saying my mind felt calm and still. I was playing a Men's mind game' and scored 100% on every answer. It was like that feeling you get when you have just woken up. Light headed so to speak but this was different. I was light headed and spaced out but in the zone at the same time. Can't explain it - but it was awesome.


I was shocked at the drastic results. Over the course of the next 5 days I found myself bouncing out of bed and felt ready to take on the day - usually I need to snooze 3 times. I felt motivation to get stuff done and often power through.

DAY 14

After 14 days, not only had all my doubts and skepticism absolutely vanished - Thing's that annoyed me were no longer an issue. I hardly got stressed and when I did, I was able to control my emotions and get back into peak performance and state.

My Thoughts On Intelleral

Intelleral is the real deal. The increase in focus, creativity and overall mental performance was a little bit scary to be honest - I felt like a different person. I didn't notice any side effects at all either. I need to order a box of these before they are released into stores. - Anderson Cooper

And now the grand finale:

And the obligatory fake comments:

Interesting how there is an "Advertisement" for CNN on CMN's Advertorial.


  1. This obnoxious advertisement shows up just about every time I look at some news story at WND. It is either malware targeting WND or my computer.

  2. I just want to say "good job" on your detailed account here. I was just exposed to this scam today (11-29-17) -- and in my case it appeared to be an article on Business Insider... and Bill Gates was used for the primary testimonial, then a purported interview with and extended testimonial by Bill O'Reilly --- not a name I ever choose to follow or listen to.

    But on first glance, before I scrolled to read, it was sufficiently well mocked-up to look authentic and thus grabbed my eye. Course then I noticed "Advertorial" at top -- and that it wasn't actually "Business Insider", but an inversion to "Insider Business".


    It also appeared to have popped up into its own browser window, but lacking a URL bar, and using a spoofed URL instead ( from a now obviously-false "" )

    Just for documentation's sake, here is the actual URL -- though of course they can get an IP address for anyone who clicks this link...

    CAUTION: ((. ))

    I just want to thank you for your extensive post, particularly the contact info at FTC. For about 2 decades now I have replied upon for authentication of suspected b.s., but to be honest, its visual design is really bad, and though I know it's very legit and authored by a husband & wife team, I nevertheless just have an icky feeling about referring anyone to a snopes link. In addition, my fraud-loving, Trump-voting family have been permanently dissuaded from trusting snopes at all -- given the deeply disruptive hit job done by the whole facebook/russian-bot scam that has lead to 1/3 of the United States now insisting that "mainstream media" are all "fake news" and only Fox of course is authentic-- oh, wait, also Breitbart and Gateway Pundit --- where just a day or 2 ago one of their "writers" (actually literally credentialed to be a White House Press reporter) assaulted a student who'd come to listen to and mock his propaganda speech about white people's rights.

    What's really deeply damaging to the nation is that this "fake news" movement is not recoverable -- and the complete distrust it has, for over a year now, conditioned Trump voters to associate with any news brand (other than the 3 above) -- is a genie that can never again be corked back into the bottle it sprung from. We are pretty f'd as a nation.

    All we have left is to supply all these idiots with "smart drugs".

    1. haha thanks for writing RH factor, and for providing the screenshot. I went ahead and made a new post based on the screenshot, since "synoptic boost" (shouldn't it be "synaptic boost"??) is a name I hadn't heard before.

      I totally agree with you on everything else. With all the crazy allegations about "fake news" out there, it is a shame that the honest-to-god "real" "fake news" -- i.e. these fake news items touting fake smart drugs -- are permitted to go on doing their damage. Please let me know if you have any luck with or get any information from the FTC.