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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brian Williams Enneagram

Hmm.  I see that every site that types Brian Williams has him as a "one."  I suppose they might all have copied from each other.  Maybe he "presents" as a "one," but now that we have a bit more context, I'm going to go with "three." That would have been my guess both before and after the latest, but I admit I don't really know the guy.

Here is the current consensus:

Am I being fair?  Isn't every "type" susceptible to this kind of self-deception?  Ronald Reagan convinced himself that he flew missions in World War II, but most people agree he was a nine.

My reasoning is as follows.  Ones can be easily deceived and can certainly deceive themselves, but I think they are probably less susceptible to Williams-style self-aggrandizing self-deception than others.

So if we decide he is not a "one," then we have to look for "types" that might pretend to be "ones."  That's how I got to three.

If you've got a better analysis, I'd be happy to hear it.


  1. Hi,

    I agree with "3" for Brian Williams, too. Success-driven and posing in order to achieve that success. Also, he seems interested in conventional societal views of success (not any kind of fringe, unusual, or individualistic success that might hint at a "1" or a "4".).

    1. Good points; thanks for writing! I have a feeling the vast majority of TV personalities are threes, even if they happen to present as something else.

      Having said that, I'll admit that Bill O'Reilly definitely comes across as an eight on the enneagram, consistent with where most people have him. I'm not quite ready to change him to a three, even with the latest revelations about his Falklands war puffery.

      But I'm ready to be convinced.