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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Best Speech Ever -- Bill Clinton and the DNC

I've always had a problem with Bill Clinton, and it only got worse while he let the country wallow in the Lewinksy mess and then turned around a pardoned a bunch of criminals (especially the rich ones) just as he was leaving office.  But today, I think I might just be starting to warm to him.  He has probably done a lot of good with his foundation.  And his DNC speech was masterful.  Just watch it.  Again and again if need be.  It  says just about everything that needed to be said.  The Republicans these days are an easy target, and he showed why, with one killer shot after another.

Again, how DARE they claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility?  Clinton just reminded me that they quadrupled the federal debt in the twelve years before Clinton took office and then doubled it in the eight years after he left.  And yet their entire plan seems to be about giving tax breaks to the rich, and financing that by either (1) closing unspecified loopholes, or (2) cutting aid to people who need it most -- poor children.

The whole Republican fantasy -- no regulation and no taxes -- has never existed anywhere, certainly not in any truly successful modern nation state.  And it's just downright irresponsible to somehow pretend that it is going to be the answer to all our problems -- the problems that were caused by Republican deregulation in the first place.

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