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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fat Free Half-and-Half

Another fairly misleading product involving cream (see post on fake ice cream alert).  The half-and-half in the title makes you think there's cream in there.  But since it says "fat free" you know darn well that there isn't.

You can guess what it is -- it's just skim milk (if there were any milkfat it wouldn't be fat free) plus sugar and corn syrup.  Oh yeah, and artificial color -- to mask the corn syrup.  So they've just taken the cheapest kind of milk and thickened it with artificially-whitened corn syrup, and sold it at a "cream-like" like price.

And of course, they put it right next to regular (i.e. real) half-and-half on the shelf (where you can buy it by accident) and they sell it at the same price.

In fact, I (inadvertently) paid even MORE than the real half and half price recently.   I was at Target and saw a sign that said half-and-half $1.62 (or maybe $1.64) for a quart.  But the ONLY kind of half-and-half they had was the fat free kind.  I took it (first and last time), and it rung up at $2.24 (or thereabouts).

So I just paid $2.24 for a quart of skim milk and corn syrup.

There's a 1% skimmer out there laughing himself silly.

UPDATE Sept 6 2012

I still haven't finished the fat free half and half that I bought at Target.  But it's been in the refrigerator the whole time.  The expiration date on it is Sept. 30, 2012, presumably it was ultrapasteurized or something..  But today, it was all clumpy and unusable.  What an awful product, on so many levels.

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